Street Fighter 4 Intro with English Voices, Terrible Voices, and Inevitable Heap of Pretension

ERRG. Ryu–you wander the planet and fight people. That does not make you some kind of philospher, that makes you a bum–and a bum with aggression issues at that. So I don’t want to hear about your quest for power or for something that is not power but can still only be found by beating up people of various ethnicities, okay? You’re just an asshole who like to beat people up. Do not get all pretentious about it.

And while we’re on the subject, hey Capcom–Street Fighter is not Sun Tzu’s Art of War, okay? It is a fighting game. Where people punch luchadores, green fur-covered men, and Japanese schoolgirls, at that. No one needs some kind of bullshit examination into the human psyche here, and no one wants it,.either. What was the problem with the tournament idea? Was that not deep enough for you? Look, you’re making a game so kids can beat up people of various ethnicities and not get thrown in jail. Do not get all pretentious about it.

I’m spent. It’s up to you guys to freak out about the voices in the comments.