DVD Day: February 24th, 2009


? Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder
Happily, despite the movie not being officially released until today, Amazon shipped it to me yesterday, giving me a chance to review it for you guys. The result: It’s good stuff. The first part is uneven, kind of like Bender’s Big Score, which just seems a mass of gags with no bearing on the plot or each other. But the the second half actually feels the most like the classic Futurama of all four movies, and I think the ending is very appropriate. I’m not sure I laughed as much as I did during Beast With a Billion Backs or Bender’s Game, but I enjoyed it more.

? Akira
On Blu-ray. i honestly wonder if Blu-ray really does anything for anime, especially anime made in the ’80s. I guess Akira would be the one to buy and find out. (Also, it weirds me out that Bandai has Akira now, but whatever.)

? Death Note Vol. 9
The final volume. Hopefully this means the second boxed set will be coming out soon, because I needs me some o’ that.

? Bat-babe: The Dark Knightie
From the auteurs of Spider-babe and Lord of the G-Strings comes this movie, which is merely a framework for beyond gratuitous lesbian sex. If I haven’t got my softcare parody movie makers mixed up, these are the guys whose attempts at acting and a plot will make you far more embarassed than the sex, but the sex is the hardest softcore allowed on Cinemax After Dark. Because knowing is half the battle.