Hasbro Taunts You with G.I. Joe Movie Vehicles Which Almost Certainly Won’t Be In the Movie



Wired has an exclusive first-look at some upcoming G.I. Joe vehicles which are definitely from the movie line, but are almost  just as definitely not in the movie. First things first: note the G.I. Joe logo on the Ice Dagger (top) is the new movie Joe logo, and the Nightraven (bottom) has Destro’s MARS logo (also notice that there’s no room for a figure on the Nightraven, which means it must be an unmanned recon plane of something, but that’s neither here nor there) (yeah, that clearly is a drop-down cockpit, guys. My bad. I thought it was landing gear).

Now as we know, the focus of the movie will be on the speedsuited Joes, which means while the Nightraven has a shot of being seen, I doubt we’ll get to see the Ice Dagger in action — the fact that Frostbite has on something like his regular outfit and not a dumb winter-themed speedsuit backs me up, I think. Wired also has shots of the Rockslide n’ Snow Job set, as well as a Cobra Hummer, if you want to check ’em out.

And call me crazy, but the fact that the Joe’s vehicle — even one suited for winter climates — is cornflower blue is almost the most awful thing I’ve seen from the movie yet. Blue is Cobra’s color, you assholes. Thanks to Brett for the tip.