Keep Watching the Watchmen News or We’ll F**king Cut You

Actually, this batch of Watchmen news is all Watchmen spoilers, so you can avoid it by not hitting the jump and continuing to stare at the fat kid whose shirt and poor eating habits help frame the end of the movie. But if you want to see what Rorschach looks like under the mask, or glimpse a few other characters, or get a clue of what’s replacing GiantSquidGate, well, I’ll see you in a sec.

Behold, Walter Kovac, a.k.a. Rorschach, a.k.a. due played by Jackie Earle Haley. Obviously, this is his post-capture mode, hence the mild beating. This photo was part of that Watchmen: Portriats film book; Movienewz posted it and a bnch of others, so if you want to see Moloch, the midget Rorschach flushes down the toilet in jail, the Bernies (I can’t believe I flaked on them the other day; thanks, guys), the psychologist and more, head over there.


Now this I know is from the Watchmen Comic-to-Film book, as found by TR contributor Chris Cummins. As you can see, it’s Gibbons-style pages of NYC being destroyed, complete with President Nixon, and without a giant squid in sight. Now, admittedly, this could be an elaborate fake, but I’d doubt it. I still don’t understand what Ozy’s plan really is, how pretending Doc Manhattan has blown up one or more cities will make the nations of the world band together, or how Ozy would ensure Manhattan didn’t just tell everyone the truth. I do, however, believe there is an explanation for all these things in the film. It worries me that there’s absolutely zero indication of that plan/benefit/explanation the scene above, but…I believe. I think.