Nite Owl coffee — tastes like impotence!

Its a small moment in the film WATCHMEN – Dan and Laurie save a
group from a tenement fire. Once inside the Owl Ship, the survivors are
offered what else? Coffee. Among all that hardware, there’s an
airplane-style coffee maker. And Veidt Enterprise’s Nite Owl Dark Roast
is the imaginary brand of coffee they brew. What better name for the
quintessential caffinated beverage when served in the context of
nocturnal crime-fighting? In truth, this is 100% organic specialty
coffee from WATCHMEN unit photographer Clay Enos and his Organic Coffee

Designed on one side to resemble something straight out of
the WATCHMEN universe, the other side features a striking black &
white portrait of Nite Owl as captured by Enos. With just one run of
10,000 cans produced, this is sure to be a distinctive and unusual

Fucking stop it. Stop making all this stupid Watchmen merchandise. Seriously. I can’t believe I’m starting to sympathize with Moore. If you think you need Watchmen brand coffee, order it here.