Super Bowl Super Trailer-Rama Part III: Star Trek

And heeeeere’s the new Trek trailer, which features among the
old footage: Kirk playing in the snow, Kirk getting punched repeatedly in
the face; Kirk drinking on board a starship while meeting McCoy, Kirk…uh…skydiving, and
then basically, there’s just a shit-ton of explosions. Mostly, it’s “HEY HEY LOOK
AT HOW BAD-ASS STAR TREK IS LOOK HEY LOOK!” I get that, and it’s probably a smart call given how much Star Trek has declined even among nerds in the last decade, but it really boils down to “Look how much unlike Star Trek our Star Trek movie is!” It didn’t do much for me.

FYI: If Kirk drinks an Amp energy drink during the skydiving sequence, I will personally fly to Hollywood and murder J.J. Abrams myself. Just on principle.