The Chun Li Movie Is Going to be AWESOME

Of course, by “awesome,” I mean “a horrible atrocity of cinema.” Variety reports that the film will not be screened for critics, which means even the studio knows and accepts it’s a terrible movie, and hopes a few people are duped into seeing it before it becomes common knowledge that the film is a disaster of entertainment.

But you don’t have to take Variety‘s word for it; MovieWeb has 8 (!) horrible clips from the film, each more hilariously awful than the last. It was nearly impossible for me to pick the one that best epitomized the movie, but watching Chris Klein as Charlie scream “BOMB!” and leap in slow-motion out of a small building, followed immediately by a gun fight in which Chun Li stops to give a wry smile to Klein…well, it certainly epitomizes something.

I can’t believe the old Street Fighter movie actually stands a decent chance of being better than Legend of Chun Li. Congratulations, filmmakers — you may have achieved the impossible.