The Fallen’s Revenge Revealed to be Shockingly Naughty

Morning, folks. I’m still sifting through the NYCC news, so I’m beginning this morning with a pic of the Fallen from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Most sites seem content with running this pic — I should specify it’s of one of the Hasbro toys, actually — front page, but I’m putting it after the jump just in case you consider it a spoiler. Basically, he just looks a like a robot, although, uh…he does have one noticeable difference. A rather large one.

Yes, the Fallen has a GIGANTIC ROBOT PENIS WITH BLADES ON IT, and thus I’m afraid his revenge will involve hate-fucking all the Transformers he sees to death. Frankly, then I could understand why the Autobots and the Decepticons would be scared shitless of this dude. Of course, with Michael Bay at the helm, chances are the only person the Fallen will rape will be John Turturro while “Yakkity Sax” plays in the background.