Transformers: The Movie: The Sequel’s Devastator: The Toy


The New York Toy Fair is currently going on in…uh, New York, I think, and if you’re following me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been dreaming of exploding gorilla-sharks I’m not attending this year (although the better question is why I got to go last year, since Topless Robot had eight readers last February, but whatever). So I’m going to try to run down the highlights for the next two days, beginning with the toy of Transformers 2‘s Devastator, which I’m not putting after the jump because no one else is and I’m really tired.

So. I like that I can kind of tell that his limbs are indeed construction vehicles, although I don’t know what the hell his massive torso is — other that that big unicycle bot from the last trailer. But I don’t like that he appears to have Mecha-Godzilla’s face. It obviously lights up, but whatever. I’m trying to diss Transformers 2 anymore just because it’s not G1, but c’mon — robots should not have long, pointy noses. Ever.