TR’s Heroes Live-Blog XIX: Hell’s Frozen Over

I know! I can barely believe it either. I and the other Topless Roboteers who participate in the Heroes
Live-blog were certainly hoping for improvement, seeing as last week
was the first episode back for one Bryan Fuller, but we were well aware
that had effectively been handed a shit-sandwich of a series, and had
only one episode to work his magic on. So how good could it be?

it turns out, quite a bit. Characters made intelligent choices that
were not completely out of character. Dialogue expressed feelings and
plot developments without sound like it was written by a drunken
3rd-grade English class. Powers were used in ways that made sense, and
actually resulted in the coolest special effect scene I’ve ever seen on
the show. Frankly, it was amazing to see how much and immediately
improved Heroes became last week. Even if tonight is a bit of a
let-down, Fuller’s miracle episode has me hooked for at least the rest
of the season.

So come by tonight for the next Heroes
live-blog; if you’ve been keeping away from Heroes out of fear that it
was so terrible you’re tear off your own head in self-defense (not a
bad call), com by anyways and we’ll be happy to catch you up. See you
at 8:45 pm EST, folks — with fingers crossed that someone else bites
the dust tonight.