DVD Day: April 21st, 2009


? Caprica
I haven’t seen Caprica yet, so you all can feel free to love it or loathe it in the comments. But I’m kind of stunned how non-scifi the cover is. It has the “different characters in boxes” look of any primetime drama DVD box set, and even uses the Law & Order font for the title. If it didn’t say “Battlestar Galactica” right up top, who would ever guess what the hell it was about?

? X-Men Trilogy
On Blu-ray, of course. It bears repeating that X3 is just a shitty remake of X-Men 2.

? Sin City
Also on Blu-ray. There are worse excuses to stare at Carla Gugino’s breasts.

? Squidbillies Vol. 2
Some Adult Swim shows I don’t get. Squidbillies I just loathe. Still, I’m a big enough man to list it on my blog.

? Wolverine & the X-Men: Heroes Return
Yeah, this is just the first three episodes of the cartoon. Wait for the full season set.

? Freakazoid Season 2
Tiny Toons season 2 is also out, but I didn’t feel like giving it a separate listing.

? Hellraiser Box Set
Apparently, this box set — which looks like the cube — has previously released DVDs of Hellraiser I and II, but also the Blu-ray of Hellraiser I, which isn’t available anywhere else. That’s… that’s just evil, people.