DVD Trifecta: G.I. Joe/Transformers, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica


? I’m waaaaay behind in reporting this, so you all likely know that the awesome Shout Factory got the rights to both the Transformers cartoon and G.I. Joe, and will release them both. I had no idea the old ones were out of print or that Joe had never actually been completed, so you have my apologies. Transformers season 1 will be out June 16th, and G.I. Joe Season 1.1 has yet to be announced. Most importantly, Shout is making a massive Transformers “Matrix of Leadership” 16-DVD set, and I bet they’ll do the same for Joe. (Via TV Shows on DVD)

? All six Star Trek movies are coming to Blu-ray on May 12th in both a 6-pack and a 3-pack of Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock and Voyage Home. There will be new extras for both, of course. There will also be two “Best Of” sets, one for the original show, one for Next Generation, released on the same day.

? The Blu-ray Blog has all the many, many extras (many of them Blu-ray exclusive) coming to the Battlestar Galactica complete box set, due out later this year. I have no desire to list them, so go there to read ’em.