Full List of New Transformers in Transformers 2

USA Today, clearly threatened by Topless Robot‘s rising popularity and influence, has upped their nerd quotient yet again by listing all the Transformers who will appear in Michael Bay’s Transformers sequel Revenge of the Fallen. You can read the full article here, but here’s the quick list. I don’t think there are any real surprises, but you might want to stop reading if you’re avoiding spoilers.

? Sideswipe (A GM Corvette Stringray concept)
? Jolt (a Chevy hybrid)
? Trax and Beat, the Twins(more GM concept cars)
? Arcee (Megan Fox’s hot pink motorcycle [sigh])
? Jetfire (a reformed Decepticon and the robot with the cane)

? Soundwave (as a satellite)
? Ravage (as a panther)
? The Doctor (more on him in a minute)
? Demolishor
? Wheelie (is he really a Decepticon? Or is USA Today confused?)
? Scavenger, Scrapper, Hightower, Longhaul, Rampage, Overload and Mixmaster (who make up Devastator)
? The Fallen (who USA Today calls “The Transformers’ Lucifer)

I don’t think there’s any new news here except for “The Doctor,” who is pictured above. Seeing as my least favorite part of the first Transformers’ movie (well, besides Turturro’s golden shower) was the horrible, mincing little Frenzy robot, I think I can safely say that I will loathe “The Doctor” just as much if not more, since he’s called “The Doctor.”

Oh, and for all you fans of old ‘bot Jetfire, here’s a few more tidbits from Bay:

“He’s old, craggy, forgetful … doesn’t work very well. Can’t
transform very well, because he’s very geriatric. They get stuck with
him a lot,” Bay says. “He knows the plan of the bad guys, but he
forgets all the good parts of the plan.”

Well, good. I was worried that if Jetfire just had a cane, people wouldn’t understand that he was old. Now that he’s geriatric and borderline Alzheimer’s sufferer, maybe audiences will truly understand the subtleties of the character.