G.I Joe: Resolute Is Finally, Finally Coming

Remember G.I. Joe: Resolute? The awesome, R-rated G.I. Joe cartoon written by Warren Ellis, featuring copious deaths that Hasbro has been talking about forever? No? Then watch this:

Yes. G.I. Joe: Resolute. Pretty much the awesomest thing ever. The eagle-eyed kids of The Terrordrome spotted Resolute on Adult Swim’s schedule for April 25th at midnight. Also, it looks like AS is going to run the entirety of Resolute, as it’ll be on for an hour and a half. That meshes with the hour of content we’ve heard Resolute was going to be, plus commercials.

Make sure you mark your calendars. Resolute might be the only thing keeping some of you hardcore Joe fans from committing suicide when the live-action movie comes out. You probably don’t want to miss it.