Hasbro Brings the Cool Kids to SDCC


Hasbro has announced its San Diego Comic Con exclusives, and they’re surprisingly pretty awesome. Probably the one you care most about is the above 12-inch Baroness from the live-action G.I. Joe movie, which does not look terrible. It doesn’t look much like Sienna Miller, the actress who plays the Baroness, but it looks like a human being, which is an improvement over the rest of the 12-inch movie figures. There will also be a 3 3/4-inch movie Destro two-pack; Hasbro hasn’t released pics of the toys yet (to my knowledge), but it will come in a snazzy package meant to resemble the ancient clan McDestro book.
And just in case there’s someone as excited about this as I am, Hasbro will also release a classic Soundwave with four tapes at SDCC. There’s only one Transformer I want to own, and it’s this guy — the Toys R Us re-release now goes for $100 online, and this will only be $50 with two additional cassette minions. The other Transformer exclusive is a metallic Optimus Prime Mighty Mugg, which I can’t imagine anyone giving a shit about.