Marvel and Capcom Want to Take You For a Ride

Everyone knew this was coming, but it’s still pretty damn exciting — announced yesterday that Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is coming to Xbox Live and PSN this summer, complete with online gameplay. Now, he game won’t be HD  like the recent Street Fighter II re-release, but it will have some graphic modes to help it look a little better, detailed over at Kotaku.

MvC2 is one of those games I love despite the fact that I’m absolutely terrible at it; I even love the ridiculous theme songs whose lyrics consist of nothing but the phrase “I want to take you for a ride” repeatedly infinitely. I’m sure you can see how well that suits both the capcom and Marvel universe. So what I wanna know is who your favorite team is? And how many of you picked Cable and his ridiculous guns, and are thus bastards?