OH GOD IT’S A HIDEOUS MUMMY — No, Wait, It’s Just Indiana Jones


Sorry for the confusion! It’s just that I took a quick look at Sideshow’s Indiana Jones figure from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and thought an ancient corpse had been reanimated by dark magic and put on a fedora and sensible slacks. Sideshow’s premium museum quality figures are 18+ inches-tall, and are polystone statues with real fabric outfits, and are usually pretty pricey, although if you order it from Sideshow directly, you get a free Mask of Orellana (which I have no recollection of being in the movie, possibly because it was crowded out by the fridge, the vine-swinging, and the groundhogs). I’m not sure why they decided to protray Indy as being 108 years old, but whatever.They certainly did a great job at making him look like he’s going to keel over and crumble into dust at any second. (Via ToyNewsI)