TV News Trifecta: Fringe, Lost, Dollhouse

? Here’s probably the best casting of the year — Leonard Nimoy has been hired to play Dr. William Bell, shy CEO of mostly evil company Massive Dynamics and co-mad scientist/lab buddy of Walter. I’m not the biggest Fringe fan (I do like it, and think it’s been getting markedly better), but this casting is so smart it makes me feel tingly all over.

? Want to know which Lost cast member is almost certainly leaving the series to star in the V remake? Click over here. I’m sad, but it’s well deserved, and I was pretty excited about V anyways, and this makes me even moreso.

? Dollhouse is unofficially canceled, and officially fucked. Actress Felicia Day (nerd goddess and star of Dr. Horrible) just twittered that her Dollhouse ep was going straight to DVD… which was also the episode which revealed Alpha and the season finale. So sometime between now and May 8th, Dollhouse is going off the air, almost certainly for good. And another Joss Whedon shows bites the ignomious dust.