Wolverine Movie Trifecta: The Endings, the Sequel, the Musical

? Skip this paragraph if you don’t want to know about X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s two after-the-credits “endings,”but since that would require you to intend to go to different theaters in hopes of randomly catching both scenes, I imagine you’re fine with a mere SPOILER WARNING: io9 reports that one involves Stryker getting reprimanded for his evil ways, and an amnesiac Wolverine in a bar in Japan. You’ll like the second one — apparently (and this might not be true, so please don’t shit your pants) involves Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, scouring the wreckage of the nuclear plant from the end of the film and finding the severed head of he bald/scarred/mouth-sewn-shut Deadpool/Weapon XI. Looks like the bitching worked! I think all you Deadpool fans will happily take a non-scarred Deadpool over a scarred one with swords coming out of his forearms. Also, I’d bet you anything that had the film not been leaked and Fox wasn’t desperate to get nerds in theaters, they would never have made this save.

? Hugh Jackman wants to do a Wolverine sequel, all about his crazy Japanese adventures as Patch. I’d be down with that. (Via Comic Book Movie)

? And last but not least, here’s a sneal peek at one of the behind-the-scenes videos that will be included on the inevitable DVD release. Thanks to Easily Dissolved for the tip.