Are These the First Decent Arnold T2 Figures? Maybe


I think they are, and hear me out. Kenner made the Terminator 2 figures back in the day, and they were fun, but they we’re exactly stunningly accurate.Now, McFarlane made some Schwarzeneggers for its Terminator 3 line, along with the Terminatrix, and they also did some T2 figures — but only of Robert Patrick and the endoskeleton; if you recall, the planned Arnold figure was given an unrecognizable face because McFarlan couldn’t get the rights in time. And of course, tons of companies have made endoskeletons over the years, but all I’m talking about is toys of Arnold specifically from T2. Which NECA is now, finally, making in the above flavors, due in late summer (with another endoskeleton, of course). I know, I couldn’t believe I did actual research either. See more pics over at ToyNewsI.