Are You a Nerd with Bad Taste and Too Much Money?

bee camaro.jpg
Then you’ll likely be interested in the official Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Limited Edition Bumblebee 2010 Camaro. It’s basically a rally yellow Camaro with two black racing stripes on it, to match the non-beloved, retarded Transformer who can only speak in hackneyed radio clips as seen in the hit Michael Bay movie. It also wil have Transformers-branded hubcaps, which could mean autobot logos on the wheels which would be cool (in the sense that it would be horribly nerdy, but factionally awesome) but could also be a picture of a pee-soaked John Turturro. There’s no telling… until June 1st, when the car is available for order.

I have to winder how many of these things will be sold. Because I imagine in the Venn Diagram of people who are nerds, people with lots of money, people who like the Transformers movie but not the original Transformers, and people who would actually buy a Camaro, the section of people who fit all four categories is pretty fucking small. (Via Autoficial)