DVD Day: May 19th, 2009


? The Guild
Both seasons of the lovely nerd goddess Felicia Day’s MMORPG comedy web series get an Amazon exclusive DVD release today.

? True Blood
HBO’s gothic southern vampires show is more or less the anti-Twilight, but mostly an excuse to see Rogue/Claire Danes?Ann Paquin naked, so… there you go. (Cut me some slack, at least I knew it was Rogue.)

? Fanboys
It wasn’t especially well-reviewed, even among nerds, but I feel like we should all watch it, if only to support Kristen Bell in the Slave Leia bikini.

? Dragonball Z: Majin Buu
The one where Buu turns the Devil into a cookie and eats him. Enough said.

? Outlander
Vikings vs. aliens. I missed this in the theaters, but I’m immensely looking forward to seeing this madness on DVD.

? Terminator 2 Limited Edition Collector’s Set
This utterly absurd T2 DVD set costs $120 (on sale), comes in a T-800 skull, and contains both the Extreme Edition DVD and Ultimate Edition DVDs. Does that mean it has the movie twice?

? Batman
The ’89 version hits Blu-ray. I actually thought this came out already, but Amazon says it’s new, so just in case.

? Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus
Also Vs Debbie Gibson.

? Invasion Iowa
William Shatner’s bizarre reality where he dupes a small Iowa town into thinking he’s filming a big-budget sci-fi flick there. Sounds really, really awkward.

? Fist of the North Star: The Movie
Looks like some little company grabbed a hold of the old Streamline dub of this hilarious anime flick which stars Ken, a guy who can make people explode by punching them. It’s simultaneously awesome and awful, and features a ship stuck inexplicably through a skyscraper.