DVD Day: May 5th, 2009


Slim pickins today. I guess the studios assume everyone’s going to be out drinking for Cinco de Mayo. Little did they know I prefer to drink at home! Alone! In the dark! Quietly weeping! Mostly because the links were extra-fucked today, so I just didn’t even include them. Sorry, and rest assured I’m trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

? Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict Season 1
Gene Roddenberry wages war to take control of the entire planet. I assume.

? Doctor Who: The E-Space Trilogy
Three more episodes. For the life of me, i don’t know how you Who fans can deal with the piecemeal approach of the earlier episodes on DVD. I’d seriously set fires a the BBc until they released some proper season sets, missing episodes be damned.

? Twilight Ultimate Collector’s Set
I just wanted to point out that this Amazon exclusive set not only includes the Blu-ray, but also a jewelry box and a charm bracelet. So if you meet any one who pretends that Twilight isn’t solely for 12-year-old girls, you now have incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

? Reclaiming the Blade
This is apparently a sword-training video and/or historical look at the skills of knights and other warriors, and yet Amazon lists the cast as including John Rhys-Davies, Viggo Mortensen and more. Very odd.

? Gurren Lagann Part 3
The final nine or so episodes, including the episode where the entire galaxy transforms into a giant robot. Man, this was a fun, totally insane series.

? Geisha Assassin
All I know about this film is that it is a.k.a Geisha Vs. Ninja, and thus it must be totally fucking awesome.