Fan Fiction Friday: Ash and Pikachu in “Ashchu”


You know, I’d often like to explore some of the lighter side of erotic fan fiction, but you guys don’t let me. For instance, a reader sent a fantastic story about a night of romantic sex between My Little Ponies; although it’s not that graphic (actually, it’s written exactly like a Harlequin romance book — I mean exactly), the story is such that it’s very clear that the author has a room filled with My Little Ponies, desperately wishes she was one, and very likely has masturbated with one before.

And yet, every time I post one of these stories, you guys bitch. You complain the story isn’t horrible enough. When is why, you have forced me to post today’s little tale — and no, it isn’t the Pok?mon story I mentioned a few months ago that is terror incarnate. But I o hope that it will make you suffer, because you all deserve it.

Misty: Well be waiting at the campsite. Dont be late or youll miss dinner.

Ash: Yes MOM! Ash snapped as he ran into the forest with Pikachu.

Ash and Pikachu eventually found some other pokemon to play with and
the proceeded to play Hide and Seek until midday. As they were looking
for some water to drink, Ash and Pikachu heard noises coming from a
small clearing nearby. When they looked through the bushes they found a
couple of male Poochyenas mating. Apparently they had caught the
Poochyenas half way through as the Poochyena on top still had cum
linking from its tail hole.

As Ash and Pikachu watched the Poochyenas going at it Ash noticed that
he was getting an erection. Yet he wasnt entirely sure why.

Why don’t you fellers scoot your adorable little tail holes over past the jump?

Oh, Ash is technically a pikachu for this story, for some reason. It doesn’t make much of a difference except in how you, the reader, feel about his penis size.

Ash: Ive heard of this kind of thing, but I didnt think it would arouse
me. I always heard that gay sex was wrong but I never understood why
people thought that way.

As Ash pondered these thoughts Pikachu couldnt help but take notice in
Ashs penis. He figured it had to be at least 3 maybe 3 and a half
inches. Pikachu had already had gay sex before but had always wanted to
do it with Ash. He had even dreamed of having sex with Ash.

Meantime Ash was watching the Poochyena on top giving one final thrust
before reaching its orgasm and cumming into his partner when he felt
something moist rub his dick as Pikachu started to lick Ashs penis.

That was the entirety of chapter one, by the way. I love the way it ends on a cliffhanger. HOW WILL ASH FEEL ABOUT PIKACHU LICKING HIS DICK? STAY TUNED!

Pikachu had his eyes closed and was waiting for Ash to yell but was got off guard by a different response.

Ash: Keep going. Dont stoop now. Ash half moaned with a lustful look in
his eyes as he lay on his back with his legs apart fully exposing his
maleness to Pikachu.

I hate it when they stoop too soon!

At first Pikachu didnt know what to do. Eventually he went up to Ash
and bent his head down and started to lick the base of Ashs penis. Ash
began to moan and buck his hips slightly as Pikachu worked his way up
to the tip where Pikachu started to take small licks of the tip. Then
Pikachu opened his mouth and took in Ashs entire dick into his mouth
and started to move his head up and down. As Pikachu started to develop
a rhythm Ash started to moan slightly louder and bucked his hips even
more. Pikachu started getting an urge to get some pleasure of his own.
So he got up and turned his body around so that his dick was right in
front of Ashs face. Ash looked and saw Pikachus dick practically
waiting for a treatment. He looked at Pikachu, who nodded to him, and
they began a Pikachu 69. Both were moaning as they sucked on each
others cocks, tasting each others pre cum. After a few minutes Pikachu
got up and pulled his dick out of Ashs mouth. Ash was about to ask why
Pikachu stopped when he saw Pikachu making circles in the air. Ash
eventually figured out what Pikachu was saying and rolled onto his
stomach and lifted his tail into the air.

When you think about this story later — and I know you will — please make sure to think about the yellow yin-yang that is a Pikachu 69.

Pikachu came up behind Ash and guided the tip of his cock to Ashs
entrance. He then looked at Ash and waited. Ash nodded giving showing
that he was ready and Pikachu started sliding his dick into Ash. Ash
moaned loudly as Pikachu slid more of his 2 and a half penis into his
tail hole. After what seemed like forever Pikachu finally got the whole
of his cock in. After waiting a few minutes Pikachu slowly pulled back
out and then pushed back in just before pulling all the way out. A
steady speed and rhythm were developed as Pikachu continued to mate his
trainer turned pokemon. Pikachu could feel his

I’m not sure why chapter 2 ends in the middle of a sentence, but chapter 3 does continue right where Ash and Pikachu left off.

climax approaching and with one hard final thrust filled Ashs anus with his chu cum.


After finishing with his orgasm Pikachu pulled his cock out and started
to lick it clean. When he had finished he looked up and saw Ash giving
him a lustful look.

If you’re wondering whether Pikachi is licking his own penis or Ash’s anus, congratulations — FFF has officially ruined your life.

Ash: Ok Pikachu, your turn now. Ash said in a sexy tone.

Pikachu smiled as he rolled onto his belly waited for Ash. Ash walked
up and placed his dick at Pikachus entrance. Pikachu nodded as Ash
looked at him and prepared for Ash to begin. With this Ash began to
slide his dick into Pikachu. Ash felt a wonderful as he began mating
his Pikachu. It was as if he was lost in a world of pure ecstasy. He
started to go faster and pumped harder. Pikachu was absolutely loving
it! He couldnt believe that he was finally having sex with his own
trainer and best friend. He didnt want this to ever end. He would be
happy if they could just share this feeling forever. Ash had been going
as fast as he could when he felt hi orgasm approaching and ended it
with a final thrust.

Both moaned as Ash filled Pikachus anus with cum.

Fair’s fair! That’s the Pok?mon way!

After a few minutes
of cumming Ash pulled his dick out and fell backwards onto the ground
out of exhaustion. Pikachu got up and went over to Ash and licked his
dick clean of cum. Both then crawled over to a nearby tree and fell
asleep hugging each other. They woke up a few hours later and realized
that it was almost time for supper. As they made their way towards the
campsite Pikachu looked at Ash.

Pikachu: I love you Ash.

Ash: … I love you too Pikachu. Ash replied in astonishment. This was
the first time he was able to actually understand what Pikachu said.

They held each others paws as they slowly made their way towards the
campsite. Enjoying their time as Pikachus together and planning times
in which they could have sex again in the future.

…and scene. Feel free to complain in the comments. Because I’ve got worse. So, so much worse.