Fan Fiction Friday: Darkwing Duck and Negaduck in “Urgent”


I am pressed for time, people; I have a great deal to do before the Memorial Day weekend starts, not least of which is trying to stay conscious after a large lunch provided by my father. So if you’re at all disappointed with today’s FFF installment, please make sure to contact your server for your a full refund. What? You didn’t pay anything? Then shut the hell up.

As the mallard shed his costume and hung it carefully in the closet and
put his night shirt on his bare feathered body, he sat down on the edge
of his bed and began to realize that there is something missing from
his life.

As he pulled back the blue and white checkered quilt, blue blanket, and
light blue bed sheets and slid his webbed feet under them, he began to
stare at the ceiling as he began to think of himself and his needs for
a change, and not the needs of the city.

“Have I really become so obsessed with crime fighting? Or is crime
fighting just an excuse to fill a void that I always knew was there,
but never had the courage to fill.”

Darkwing started to get that tingly feeling in his stomach and lightly
rubbed his feathered hands across his chest. “Oh, how I yearn for
someone to touch and hold me. Someone to plant kisses all over my
body.” Suddenly thoughts of Negaduck came rushing into his head, and he
pondered, “Nah, as devilish handsome as Negaduck is, and I know he can
really give someone lots of pleasure; the only pleasure he wants to
dish out is killing me. It’s a nice dream though, a very nice dream,
spending at least a night with Negaduck.”

The hot, sweaty mallard awoke from his sensual dream of having a
rendezvous with his devious doppelganger, when the alarm from his
state-of-the-art computer equipment that was located in the closet in
his living room was sounding.

“Damn, I always wake up at the best part!”

Hit the jump and let’s get dangerous, shall we?

As the smoke cleared, Darkwing Duck sensed there was definitely
something different with Negaduck tonight. He didn’t seem to be quite
himself. He had a strange look in his eye that he, well, never saw
before on his nemeses. As the Mallard Of Menace slowly sauntered over
to him, he noticed Negaduck’s every sexy move. He really admired the
way Negaduck walked and how his tail feathers moved so gracefully with
his silky body.

Darkwing’s soft, white, downy feathered body was starting to become
slick with sweat as he pulled out his gas gun and aimed towards the
approaching duck and nervously asked, “Kind of early to be doing your
banking, eh Negaduck?”

Darkwing could feel that tingling sensation in his stomach, and he
noticed that his hand that was holding the gun was visibly shaking, as
Negaduck moved towards him.

All sorts of thoughts were rushing through the mallard’s mind as he
felt a definite warmness pooling in his groin area. “Could it be that
Negaduck desires to feel and kiss every feather on my body as I do with
him? But Negaduck goes out with many women; he could have any woman he
wants. What would he want with me? Oh, but Negaduck could definitely
light some fires that no woman could ever hold a light to.”

Please re-read that last sentence again. I would contend if you aren’t screaming, there is something terribly wrong with you.

As Negaduck got almost beak to beak with him, Darkwing noticed that his
member was now fully erect, and was protruding from his feathers. The
hero was trembling as Negaduck slowly took his hand and removed the gun
from his sweaty palm. Darkwing felt a jolt of electricity as Negaduck
touched his hand.

He looked into Darkwings wide opened eyes as he got closer to his face
and kissed him on his fluffy cheek. Slowly he went further and softly
licked down Darkwing’s throat while his twin let out a delightful groan.

He sensed Darkwing’s soft body and pushed him against the wall.
Negaduck recognized his doppelganger’s excitement and grinned satisfied
while he ceased from licking his throat.

As he inched Darkwing’s cheek again, Negaduck gave his enemy a long and
impetuous kiss on his awaiting beak. Slowly he explored Darkwing’s
mouth with his tongue while wrapping his arms around his sweaty waist.
He felt Darkwing’s erection against his body as well as his own blood
rushing into his loins. Hearing his twin’s lovely moan, Negaduck
deepened the kiss once more before detaching himself from his seductive

At last the devious mallard put his hands on Darkwing’s feathery chest
and pleasurably rubbed it through his purple costume after releasing
him for now by stepping back.

In the meantime Negaduck’s member also got fully erect and extended
beyond his downy feathers. Negaduck took another step back and got in
front of Darkwing as he began taking his clothes off.

And suddenly, the fact that both Darkwing and Negaduck don’t wear pants begins to make a horrible, horrible sense.

Darkwing opened his beak and let Negaduck fully explore his mouth with
his tongue, and as the hero gained some confidence, he slowly inserted
his tongue in Negaduck’s mouth, fully savouring the taste of his beak.
Darkwing didn’t want this hot kiss to end as he fully felt Negaduck’s
erection press up against his own and against his feathers.

Darkwing could only fully admire Negaduck’s lean, muscular feathered
body as the mallard slowly and seductively removed his double breasted
yellow coat and red shirt. Darkwing was in total awe as he saw how big
Negaduck’s erection was. He couldn’t take his eyes off of it. The
mallard thought, in just a few short moments, I will be able to touch
and fully feel that awesome erection. Darkwing was salivating at just
the mere thought of kissing it from the tip right down to his

Negaduck broke Darkwing’s trance when he whispered “Now, it’s your
turn, my little ducky.” And Darkwing could only purr, “Oh wow! Negaduck
you look so incredibly good.”

What’s worse? Darkwing actually salivating at the idea of sucking off Negaduck? Or his utterly lackluster pillow talk?

“I noticed your glance at my erection, Darkwing,” Negaduck aspirated
and saw Darkwing blushing. “Come on, I know you want to touch me,” he
grinned and looked deeper into Darkwings eyes while his antagonist
slowly stroked down his stomach to his member. Negaduck let out a moan
of deep satisfaction.

“Yes, exactly like that… don’t stop,” he growled with pleasurable
delight while Darkwing’s hand clasped around his erection and Negaduck
closed his eyes as his opponent took him into his beak.

After Negaduck gave his command, slowly Darkwing seized control of
Negaduck’s throbbing member with his bill and started to full lick it
with his tongue. Darkwing relished the mallard menace’s sweet taste as
he bobbed his head making sure that the entire length was fully licked
like a lollypop.

Negaduck’s growls of ecstasy were starting to increase as Darkwing
concentrated on having his tongue dance on the head of Negaduck’s
penis. In addition, Darkwing also took this opportunity to use his
feathered hands to fully roam Negaduck’s body. He reached up with both
hands and fully explored Negaduck’s stomach; reaching into those
feathers to touch his bare skin. He could feel how excited Negaduck was
getting just by the reaction of his tummy to his delicate touch.

Darkwing then slowly reached Negaduck’s hips and rear. Oh, Darkwing
fully explored both cheeks on the mallard’s butt. He was fully rubbing
them and feeling each of his tail feathers. By the force of his hands
on Negaduck’s feathered bottom, Darkwing forced Negaduck to go deeper
in his beak, fully enjoying the bittersweet taste of his enemy.

The hero could feel Negaduck’s head enlarging in his beak, which meant
that his new lover was about to come. Darkwing had to make his night
with his dream date last longer, so he quickly released Negaduck and
looked over to the money bags on the brown wooden shelves that were
against the concrete wall.

Darkwing quickly grabbed the bags from the shelves and arranged the
them into a makeshift mattress on the concrete floor, and looked up at
the standing duck with eyes wide open. The hero cried, “Hold me,
Negaduck. Oh please! I want to feel every inch of you!”

I would like to point out how much I’m editing out this story. Not because what I’m skipping is worse, but that there’s so much more of it.

Darkwing felt a euphoric tingle in his spine as ecstasy quickly
completely took control of his body as Negaduck fully laid on top of
him. As he was whispering in his ear, he felt the tip of Negaduck’s
member slowly penetrate his soft, white downy feathered stomach, and
rub against his bare skin. The hero lifted his rear for added emphasis,
as he wanted to fully feel Negaduck’s penis on his body. He wanted
Negaduck so badly to rub that long member all over his feathered body.

Do you realize what it means that the above paragraph exists? That someone took time to write all of this down, to put the sentences in this order? don’t think too hard about it, because there’s another paragraph I need you to ponder in a minute.

He heard Darkwing breathing faster as he stepped behind him and rubbed
his penis along his tail feathers. He liked to feel Darkwing’s soft
feathers and thus he continued stroking over them just to keep Darkwing
waiting and glanced at his downy back.

At last he heard his rival whimper once more before Negaduck entered
Darkwing’s body. Slowly he started to shove his penis deeper into his
twin’s rear and heard Darkwing’s moan. Negaduck himself also let out a
scream of pleasure as he began to thrust his hips.

“Do you like that, Darkwing?” He asked and began to thrust harder and
faster into his enemy. Negaduck put his hands around his waist to
deepen his thrusts.

“You can’t imagine how many nights I’ve been longing for this moment!”
He aspirated and lent forward a bit to make sure that Darkwing got what
he said. “I’ve always dreamed of doing this with you; dreamed of
entering your body with my tough member and hearing you begging for
more. Have you never wished that, my servile ducky?”

Hearing Negaduck’s words, Darkwing moaned louder. Negaduck’s deep and
throaty voice turned him on even more and he felt his warm breath on
his plumage.

Negaduck threw his head back and noticed that he was about to come.
Just in the moment Darkwing lustfully screamed his name, Negaduck
pulled his member out of Darkwing.
Darkwing, being totally confused, begged Negaduck to continue taking him.

“No, Darkwing… I’ve got other plans. Turn around and face me,” he said
as Darkwing turned around and Negaduck watched his feathered chest lift
and drop through rapid breathing.

“I want to look in your eyes when you’re coming,” Negaduck whispered
and grabbed Darkwings wrists to press him on the concrete floor while
he bend over him. “Besides I don’t want to miss the feeling of you
entering me with your hard penis. So come on Darkwing… take me!

This wasn’t the other paragraph I just thought this was hilarious.

Darkwing moaned as Negaduck slid his penis from his tail feathers,
rubbed it on his awaiting entrance, and then slowly worked his way to
his feathered back. Feeling Negaduck’s hot breath on his back and neck
was a real turn on for the mallard. The duck wanted more and more of
Negaduck that night. He just wanted to make this moment last forever.

Darkwing could not expect the extreme pleasure he felt as Negaduck
entered him from behind. The hero grabbed onto the money bags, as
Negaduck increased his thrusting into him, constantly pounding on his

NEGADUCK!!! YOU ARE MY LORD!!!” Darkwing cried out as Negaduck
repeatedly dove deeper and deeper into Darkwing’s feathered bottom.
YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! NEGADUCK!!!!! Don’t STOP!! DON’T STOP!!!!! Oh please!!
Don’t Stop!!”

This is it. Just re-read it, and just try not to ponder what the author was envisioning when he was writing it; how he decided to have Darkwing scream “yes” at certain points, and how he decided to have him scream “don’t stop” at others. It’s terrifying, and that’s even before you consider all the exclamation points.

The hero moaned as his member was now touching and brushing against
Negaduck’s feathered bottom. Still holding down his wrists, Negaduck
slowly backed himself up, positioning himself onto Darkwing’s member.

Darkwing was now screaming as Negaduck rode him, “Oh Negaduck!! You’re
so tight!! You’re so tight!! Oh my LORD!! I’m about too……”

So I have a question for you. Do gay men really talk erotically about how “tight” their partners are? I know gus say it about girls (in porn, mostly) because vaginas can vary in size a little bit. I guess I’m saying, aren’t all assholes generally tight? By nature? Does its tightness really need to be called out? Would anyone being fucked in the ass be complimented by his or her asshole’s tightness?

And while we’re on the subject, would a duck’s asshole be extra tight, or would it be the same tightness to another duck as one human’s anus to another human? These are the mysteries of FFF. Let’s go ahead to the happy ending now, shall we?

“YES! Oh, DARKWING… you… really enjoy the way… I’m taking you…
right now, eh?” Negaduck asked and panted full of lust while looking
down at the yearning mallard who pressed his hip against his body. He
felt Darkwing driving his penis even deeper into his bottom and closed
his eyes. Negaduck knew that Darkwing was about to come and he also
couldn’t hold it back any longer.

LORD!! OHH, YEEEES!!” Negaduck screamed and splattered Darkwing’s chest
and beak with his hot semen as he felt himself getting filled up with
his lover’s white seed. Negaduck heard Darkwing yelling even more as
his opponent came inside him.

As Negaduck rode Darkwing deeper and deeper, fully pounding against
Negaduck’s prostate, Darkwing finally exploded into Negaduck, filling
his lover with hot, white duck sauce. Darkwing has never experienced a
truly awesome orgasm like he did with Negaduck tonight.

He looked deep into Negaduck’s lovely blue eyes as he splattered his
hot, glorious duck sauce all over his feathered chest and beak. As
Negaduck held Darkwing’s wrist tighter, he slowly licked his beak to
get a taste of his new lover.

DUCK SAUCE. Frankly, I honestly think we all kill ourselves now. I just can’t see any other option after reading that.

“Oh, Negaduck! You have a sweet taste! I hope there is more where that
came from!” Darkwing said as Negaduck released him and lied next to him
on the money bags. Darkwing was still panting from the experience and
breathed heavily onto Negaduck. As his breathing relaxed, he could feel
Negaduck’s feathered fingers slowly trailing his stomach once again,
penetrating his plumage and feeling his belly button. Darkwing loved
how Negaduck methodically roamed his feathered tummy with his hands.
For added emphasis, Negaduck was starting to tickle Darkwing, which
caused him to giggle, all the while the two mallards kept their cool
blue eyes locked upon one another.

After those mischievous hands finished the tickling session, Darkwing
answered Negaduck, “Oh yes, Negaduck! I really want to be with you like
this every minute of the day! I just can’t let you go!”

Slowly, Darkwing did some exploring on Negaduck as he lightly slid his
fingertips, down to Negaduck’s groin, which has gone soft. He loved the
way Negaduck felt to him, it was truly magical. Darkwing fully felt
Negaduck’s growing length and testicles to fully savor his twin’s
penis. After Negaduck was fully erect, Darkwing lightly stroked the
mallard, fully putting his hands around the member, and Darkwing
enjoyed hearing Negaduck’s hoarse cries of pleasure.

Darkwing lied back and cried for Negaduck, “Please! Take me again
Negaduck!! I want you inside me! Please! I want to feel every inch of
you!!” Darkwing brought his legs to his stomach, fully exposing his
tail feathers to his hot lover.


Negaduck looked deep into Darkwing’s blue eyes and stroked through his
feathered belly as Darkwing slowly slid down his fingertips to his
groin. Negaduck felt Darkwing putting his hands around his member and
moaned as his enemy fully aroused his penis.

Darkwing had told him that he just couldn’t let him go and still begged
Negaduck to take him once more as the crime fighting mallard struck a
seductive pose.

Negaduck swallowed hard and panted. The opportunity was too alluring to let it pass, but…

“No, Darkwing, I won’t take you again… at least not tonight,” he smiled
nasty and looked into Darkwing’s eyes. His counterpart still looked at
him in a begging way, but Negaduck just shook his head.

Phew! Dodged that bullet! Although if it had been a real bullet, I would have tried to make sure it shattered my skull and sent my brains safely on the wall behind me.

As Darkwing laid on his back, with his legs to his stomach, he gave
Negaduck those wanting eyes of passion and desire for his feathered
body. Darkwing wanted so badly to feel Negaduck inside him, just one
more time, pounding his prostate and making him feel like he has never
felt before. Looking up at the sweaty mallard before him, he decided
that never before in his life, has anyone made Darkwing feel so
incredible and good about himself. The hero couldn’t believe that a few
nights ago, the very duck before him were fighting after Darkwing
caught him stealing jewelry from a broken storefront window. And now,
tonight, he has lit fires in places that Darkwing didn’t even know
existed. Even though Darkwing wanted Negaduck so much, he could see the
exhaustion in his cute feathered face, and finally his mallard spoke.

The mallard rested his legs to the floor and listened to the tired
duck’s every word. Although, he definitely wanted more Negaduck
tonight, he was just satisfied to have him here tonight, and was
excited when he informed him that this will not be the last of their

Darkwing sighed and nodded, “Hold me Negaduck, just one more time
tonight.” The hero then padded the floor next to him. “Ya can count on
Darkwing Duck being there for ya Negaduck when the time arrives!! Oh
Negaduck, after tonight, I will want you more and more. You will be all
I ever think about.” Darkwing words were cut off by Negaduck kneeling
over the mallard, and gave him another long kiss on the beak. Darkwing
opened his beak to let Negaduck’s tongue fully roam around his beak.

Suddenly, Negaduck lay down on the money bags, next to Darkwing and the
mallard simply couldn’t resist letting his fingers roam through
Negaduck’s feathers. As he stared deeply into his twin’s eyes, he let
his fingers lightly touch Negaduck’s chest, and slowly wonder down to
his tummy, the very spot where Darkwing finally put his head on and
went to sleep.

If you want the full-size version of this epic — which is at least 50% longer — feel free to turn here. I hope the rest of you will join me in commiting ritual suicide immediately. Remember, it’s one thrust into the stomach, then hard to the left! Otherwise your intestines won’t spill to the floor and you might accidentally live and continue thinking about Darkwing and Negaduck’s night of passion.