Fan Fiction Friday: Spider-man in “Gencom: Spider-man”


I’ve decided to take a walk on the lighter side of horrible fan fiction this week — also a walk on the side with heterosexuality — with this incredibly juvenile and bizarre tale from C.King titled “Gencom: Spider-man.” What is Gencom? I’m glad you asked. It’s the genie computer, of course, but it is a genie computer with quite a naughty mind! Memory bank! Turban! Whatever.

This story involved a computer program that was created in a similar
vein as the original pen of existance, but binding the spirit of a
powerful wish granting spirit into the code. This created a powerful
computer file that would allow one to alter their reality as they
wished, but in binding the spirit there were traces of it’s personality
left in the machine. A spirit that could influence the user in minor
ways including encouraging the user to keep using the program. A spirit
that was one of the greatest perverts in the history of his species and
would love watching it’s master have a life that Hugh Hefner would envy.

This is the story of Gencom, the Genie Computer. Also known as the wishing system or the perverts best friend.

The computer CD/DVD combination that held the program had been knew to
fall from world to world as fate degreed. Causing confusion in it’s
wake as well as some very happy people, it was know emerging into a
world where it would find plenty of use for it’s system.

This world was the world of the Marvel Superheroes very similar to universe 616. This is the story of that Gencom.

After Spider-man defeats a herd of AIM agents, he comes face to face with Gencom, the Genie Computer, and like any hero, does not question the machine’s powers or its morality, but immediately begins using it to score a threesome with MJ and Black Cat.

‘I suppose that I could make that fantasy become reality using this
program. A few minutes with the keyboard and I can change the
realtionship between the three of us into something that was quite
closer then what it was before. A threesome might be relaxing after all
of the difficulty with being Spider-man.’

It might indeed, true believer! Hit the jump for more.

Dual images of the two sexy women, one dressed in a sweater and jeans
with the other in a skin tight leather catsuit, appeared with twin
status menus. Using those menus, he pulled up the sexual preference of the two women.
Both were on the hetro side of the bar with the Cat’s closer to the
middle then MJ. Bring up the help screen, he could see that he could
create limits and exceptions to the bar. Using that he moved the bar to
the homo sextion of the bar, but with an exception of Peter Parker
which would be one hundred percent hetro.

Then he modified it further so that each found the other extremely sexy
and was open to having sex with each other. He also placed in their
head the idea of having threesomes with Peter Parker. He also had to
make a minor change to the Black Cat. Mary Jane was open to having sex
with both Spider-man and Peter Parker, Felicia was for the longest time
only interested in Spider-man. Peter Parker was something that she
couldn’t handle. A few carefully typed words and she soon had the same
desire for Peter as she did for the Spider.

He increased their sexual desire to a higher but managable level. It
would encourage them to have sex as soon as possible, but nothing that
prevent them from doing something important if they had to. He knew
that his wife was in the middle of an audition and that the Cat could
be do anything from patrolling to robbing. So he just had to sit back
and wait for one of them to show up. So he made sure that he was the
secure user of the program and then shut down the computer. He then
when to his room and wonder when the two women would join him in a
friendly fucking.

Dude, you’re thinking way too hard about this. This is your own weird little fantasy, all right? You don’t need to clarify to the imaginary women involved that they should cease having lesbian sex if there’s a fire or something. Just… just don’t imagine the fire, or whatever.

Mary Jane was comming home from an audition for a part in a B movie
about alien girls who fucked men to death while trying to find the
perfect mate. It was not a high class acting job, but the pay was good
and would help her family in the days to come.

Even GENCOM, THE GENIE COMPUTER, is powerless to fix this economy! But GENCOM, THE GENIE COMPUTER, does plant the idea of threesome with Black Cat into her mind, where in she has this internal monologue:

‘She’s a supersexy lady in a tight leather cat suit with neck line all
the way down to her navel. I wouldn’t mind tapping that. I’m even a
little jealous she can share both aspects of Peter’s life as a man and
a hero. Which is giving me another sexy idea. The creation of my own
superhero identity. Even if I can’t do it in real life, it might be fun
in the bedroom. Especially if I can have my way with Felicia and Peter
in their costumes. I know just the place. The Hero’s Mask, a place for
people with superhero fetishes. With New York being the hub for most
mutants and mutates, it makes sense for there to be those turned on by
them. Especially since most superhumans tended to have perfect bodies.’
which was where MJ had headed for as soon as she got out of the
studio’s main audition hall.

If you have ever honestly thought the words “Which is giving me another sexy idea,” I want to give you a high five. Then I want you to stay the hell away from me. Suffice to say, MJ purchases a sexy insect superheroine costume. Cut to meets Black Cat!

Her thoughts began to move to her rival and friend, Mary-Jane. Felicia
had to admit if she was going to have an affair with a woman who wasn’t
a member of the superhuman community, MJ was it. Long straight redhead,
perfect green eyes. A body made for lust and a personality which loved
to have fun. The fact she usually wore clothes to enhance her
appearance made it easier to have intimate fantasies about her.

Is that the weirdest, most clinical sentence ever featured in an FFF? I think it might be, although it has some serious competition below. Anyways, MJ calls Black Cat, asks if she’s interested in a threesome, and the two have a devious but sexy idea together. Meanwhile, Peter’s not quite done with the GENCOM, THE GENIE COMPUTER.

“Then there was the modifications I made to myself. It was worth checking out all of those sex advice pages on the internet, even if I had to skip over all of the porn pretending to be advice pages. I didn’t have to alter my cock too much, since length is not as important as it seems. I just have to make sure I manipulate it well if smaller then the vagina or lube up the pussy if I’m bigger then normal. I tend to be in the middle, so it makes it easier. I have to remember most of the pleasure receptors on a woman are on the outside or inner rim of the vagina.”

Dude, it’s your fantasy. Just go ahead and give yourself a big dick. It’s okay! Or rather, you’re writing fan fiction! It doesn’t matter now! Go for the fucking gusto!

‘I just have to use the other erotic zones of the female body to get her ready to suffer the little death, as the french say. Downloading knowledge of the Kama Sutra, The Joy of Sex and several other sexual manuals into my mind should be of use to keep female company entertained. I wonder if my spider agility and reflexes might be of use in this situation as well, even if my strength might not be best to use in this… exercise.’

Now this is just getting weird. I could handle Spidey using GENCOM, THE GENIE COMPUTER, to get himself a threesome, but why does GENCOM also have to give him sex skills? Why couldn’t Peter just be, you know, good at sex? Or have a big dick, all on his own? Why does GENCOM, THE GENIE COMPUTER, have to be involved in every step of the way? I sense C.King has some insanely crippling self-esteem issues. Eventually, the Black Cat finds Peter Parker.

‘Obviously the cat must be playing some kind of game. The question is what game is it and do I want to play along? My spider sense if not tingling, so nothing dangerous is going to occur. Normally someone jump out from behind me and tying me up would have it blaring. So what’s happening and why is it so different? Might as well play along for now?’ thought Peter as he continued to be wrapped up like a worm.

“So what is your diabolical scheme this time, you crook?” asked Peter as he tried to figure out what was going to happen.

“Why, I’m going to eliminate you. Once you’re out of the way, the Bugle will crumble from lack of new photos for their Spider-man bashing. However I am going to enjoy your death while I’m at it, Parker. You are going to sufficate… inside my own pussy.”

Okay, perhaps the author has other issues as well.

As she pulled back the black painted metal links, as it pulled out to reveal bare skin. Bare skin
and the lack of any kind of panties. The leather of the suit was pulled back out of the way of her lower torso, showing of her female socket and the little love button above it. It had turned a brilliant red as the blood had rush into the tissue. Peter had little view of anything else as his head was pointed in the same spot above the woman’s body. He waited for the next move of the pussy’s feline owner.

Meantime, my penis’ male owner is getting ready to drink scotch straight  from the bottle. “Female socket”? Really? At least all that cramming from GENCOM, THE GENIE COMPUTER gets put to good use!

Peter had gained from the uploading of sexual experience and wisdom was
the knowledge most of the female’s pleasure nerves were around the
mouth of the pussy, not deep inside it. He then used this to focus on
the edges of the channel as well as the sensitive clit which was also a
sexual organ, since the situation seemed to demand it.

Oh, Wikipedia plus no actual experience with either vaginas or love is truly a sad thing.

Peter could tell he was effecting her in some major mojo ways, and hope
this kind of attention would allow the Cat to ‘spare his life’. With
only his tongue free, he continued to use what tools he could with it.
As he continued to like he could taste the increases in vagina fluids
as the honey flowed from the honeypot, another indication the Cat was
gain her sexual pleasure. The fluids had a slightly salty taste to
them, which while it was not something he would spit out, it did cause
him to think about the topic.

‘I should be able to alter the taste of cum from my lovers into
something I love to eat, in one way or another. Chocolate, coffee,
banana, sweet apple pie or anything else. I should also write in
something about my own cum, since if the Cat and MJ are going to get
more chances to taste it, it should be something they love to taste.
Which might mean more blow jobs in the future from a sexy redhead and
blond.’ thought Peter as he continue to move his head as much as he can
to avoid the bouncing Cat. The technique of young Parker seemed to be
effective when inducing an orgasm into his female partner in sex.

Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if this was actually written by a sentient yet genuinely perverted computer. It would explain a great deal.

This was revealed with a louder yowl of pleasure and a burst of sexual juice down the path of feminine power.

Oh my god.

The Cat started to play with the wires which held Peter, moving them
around so Peter’s namesake could be freed from them as well as his

He means his penis, in case that wasn’t clear. Penises are occasionally called “peters” by children in 4th grade… in the ’50s.

‘So what is the next part of the game to be played? It involves my
penis in one form or the other, which hints at getting a blow job from
the kitty’s lips or having myself fuck something on Felicia. The latter
could be divided into three possiblities; ass, pussy, or tits. I can
guess what it could be for my pleasure, the Cat isn’t playing this kind
of move. It’s something for her pleasure, so a blowjob is out of it. I
can also remove a titty fuck out of it too since it might not be as
enjoyable for her as me. So two options become appearent, pussy playing
or going anal.’ reasoned Peter as he used his brain to guess at his
opponent’s next move. He was pretty sure what it was she was going to
do, but the Black Cat had a habit of surprising him with her own moves.

Not the World’s Greatest Detective, but he never claimed to be. Happily, the Black Cat is ready to set him straight.

Once she had freed his cock and binded it in a way so it would only get
harder the longer it was out, she moved back to her position on the
bed. She smirked and placed a gloved finger with a claw against her
painted lips for moments as she acted like she was deep in thought. It
was a few minutes before she spoke again, “Looks like the air in here
is rubbing your flesh the right way. The question is what to do with
you? You’re not worth of my pussy, a gift only for my Spider. My mouth
and tits are not for you either. The fact of the matter is you’re a
little piece of shit and as such only deserve to be placed were all
other shit can be found, Asshole!”

OH MY GOD. In truest Spider-man fashion, Peter finds time to complain.

‘Ass-fucking is not my favourite style, it kind makes me feel a little
too dirty for sex. Too much like the shit I have to walk through when I
go to the sewers to track the Lizard or Venom or any of the others.
Something just give you bad memories. The role-playing around this anal
entry is the only thing making this actually hot for me. This is still
not teaching me the reason behind all of this sex, but I might as well
enjoy it for now.’ thought Peter as he was rocked back and forth on the
wire as the Cat pushed him with her ass to make him come into and out
of her.

Should of thought of that when you were programming GENCOM, THE GENIE COMPUTER, huh?

As Peter could feel the Cat approaching another orgasm and as he was
trying to hold his own back, they were blind sided by the sound of the
bedroom door being flung open. Footsteps could be heard by Peter, who
was hoping it was no one who would be likely to kill either of them in
this state. He began to try to free himself from the wires when he
heard a familiar voice calling out, “Black Cat, unhand that man! You
should be ashamed of yourself for causing that man to break his wedding
vows to save his life. No more shall the city fear your claws, once you
have been defeated by the hands of Insect Queen.”

Peter could also look at the Cat shock as he heard the voice behind as he recognized it as, ‘Mary-Jane?’

Alas, this is where the story ends; C.King has not returned to complete this amazing tale of Spidey’s threesome or the saga of GENCOM, THE GENIE COMPUTER. In fact —

— wait a minute.

…other stories by this author? “Gencom: Naruto”? “Gencom: Ranma 1/2”? “Gencom: Yu-gi-oh”? “Gencom: Kim Possible”?

Yet it was then he had some of his most naughty ideas, ‘Of course it
would help if there was some more discipline in the squad. So if they
followed orders from their leaders, no matter the command, it might
help things out. Of course it would be cruel to force them against
their will, so it would make sense to have them willing to follow the
commands of their superiors. Following those orders would give them
some pleasure when they are obeyed. I will have to list who is able to
give those orders, which will have to names at the moment. Kim
Possible, Cheer Captain and Ron Stoppable, Mascot Master.’

‘So the cheer macro is set for the moment. Now for something a little
more personal. Having Kim as my girlfriend is a dream come true, but
the ladies are missing out on the manliness of the Ronster. A few women
in my life would might make the Ronman’s life more fun. I still would
love to ride Shego, especially since it would be sick and wrong. Then
there’s Yuri, the girl who I didn’t know liked me liked me before Kim.
Or there’s Monqiue for some dark chocolate fun. So what do I do next?’

I don’t know, Ron. Because I refuse to read another fucking word about