Happy Star Wars Day, Dammit

Today is apparently Star Wars Day. I did not know that. for those who are confused, it’s solely because of the pun that is “May the Fourth Be With You,” so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Frankly, about 6000 of my 11680 days on this planet have more or less been Star Wars Days, so I feel I’ve yubbed my nubs appropriately.

I will, however, share this video a friend sent me that I can’t believe I didn’t know about — of William Shatner serenading George Lucas at Lucas’ induction into the American Film Institute. It’s awesome on about a million different levels, not the least of which is Harrison Ford getting to sit next to Lucas and Spelberg, while Mark Hamill is at some other table god knows where. Also, Ford is clearly drunk — he’s laughing at everything Shatner says. If there’s a better way to celebrate Star Wars Day, I sure as hell don’t know it.