Indiana Jones Whips It (Whips It Mediocre)

This new video demonstrates for the upcoming Wii game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings purports to show off all the things Indy can do with his whip, but man, I can just see disaster of epic stone ball proportions. We all know how buggy the Wii remote is; do you really think you’re going to be able to make Indy whip enemies’ heads, waists and feet whenever we want? I don’t think so. Hell, even the video showed a few times where Indy whipped the feet of a Nazi and the guy just ignored it, meaning even if you perform the action it might not work. Of course, it’s helpful that all the enemies stop until you’re finished with your opponent, and you do have the advantage of having no collision detection for the bookcases and statues, so that they only hit your enemies and pass right through you. Whee.

 I don’t think the game looks very good, is what I’m saying.