Major Lazer Vs. the Fresh Prince of Cave Story

First up — someone took out the opening music to the Will Smith sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, kept the vocal track, and added the intro music to the old PC game Cave Story. It is spectacular, and possible exactly what the internet was ultimately designed for. Watch:

So what’s better than that? Major Lazer, a cartoon character created for some bizarre dancehall music concept project by producers Switch and Diplo. Lazer, having lost his arm in the “secret zombie war of 1984,” has a laser cannon and a flying surfboard and basically goes around killing the shit out vampires, zombies, and mummies. It is the raddest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

Um, toy industry people? Can we have action figures of Major Lazer and his villains, like, right now please? Look at the zombie vampire on the phone, and tell me he’s not the coolest motherfucker on the planet. Well, besides Major Lazer, of course. (Via I Heart Chaos and Stereogum)