Mattel Politely Requests You Save Their Asses


Speaking of Justice League, Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited line is in a bit of trouble. The problem is that — well, let me let Mattel explain it (from their Facebook page):

It is no secret that their has been a delay in getting new JLU
figures into Target stores. This is entirely do to our factor shutting
down last December. We have already found a new factory and we have new
packs ready to ship, the problem is, while we waited for the new
factory to produce the new 2009 figures, we had to continue and ship
2008 product to Target to hold the place in the toy aisle.

So right now Target is full of 2008 packs. We need to get all of
these sold before Target will take orders for new 2009 packs. So, to
help, Mattel is funding a month long price reduction on 3 packs. So
tell your friends and allies, swing by a Target and grab some JLU packs
this month on sale. Once we move all of the older product, we have
fresh new figures ready to ship and get into your hands!

Uh… what? While I applaud Mattel’s honesty and candid explanation of the problem to fans — I wish more companies would be so transparent — I’m not sure this is exactly the time or the place. Because it’s clearly Mattel’s fault that Target (the exclusive home of JLU figures) has been flooded with ’08 product, because they chose to ship it instead not shipping it while they changed factories. I know that companies have bottom lines and projected profits and shareholders and stuff, but it’s not like anyone put a gun to Mattel’s head and forced them to make this decision — and it’s certainly not the toy-buying public and collectors who should literally pay the price for their error.

The sad news is that it almost certainly doesn’t matter; if the old toys don’t get bought, the line will likely be canceled and collectors will be screwed anyways. Poe Ghostal probably puts it best: “So what’s a JLU fan to do? Hard to say.  Complain all you want, but
keep in mind boycotting the sale entirely will likely result in the end
of JLU. Fair? Definitely not. But unfortunately, life isn’t fair.” Sorry about your luck, JLU fans.