Q: Where Did All the Blood in the Wolverine Movie Go? A: The Videogame

All lot of you raise a point about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie I didn’t mention — that it was strangely bloodless. Really, I’m not sure why it was PG-13 and not PG — Wolverine’s claws were set to bludgeon (much like Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in RotJ), no limbs were disconnected, and even during the few stabbings, there was no blood whatsoever. Weird.

Which is why I think it’s noteworthy that the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie game is hideously, outrageously violent. it’s also awesome, and I think the two might be connected. The game Wolverine stabs and slashes all his foes, can rip off limbs and heads, tear people in two, and that’s not counting the many, many environmental kills. In the demo I played on Xbox Live, Wolverine took a guy and pushed his head into a herlicopter blade — not because he didn’t have other, simpler ways of killing him — but because videogame Wolverine is a horrible, awesome bastard. Check out this video of just some of the game’s violence:

Like I said, I only got to play the demo, but I highly recommend getting the Wolverine game if you like simple, fun (albeit short — about 10 hours or so) beat-’em ups. It’s kind of everything the movie was not. But even beyond that, I find it utterly bizarre that Marvel would force the Wolverine movie to be so tame (tamer than even the X-Men films) and allow the movie game to be preposterously violent. Out of the two, I feel pretty confidently that the gamemakers “got” wolverine a hell of a lot more than the movie makers.