The Best Song About Zombies Sung by a Sunflower You’ll Hear All Day

I know, it seems crazy. You’ll probably hear dozens, if not hundreds, of songs about zombies sung by a sunflower during the course of this lovely Friday. Still, I stand by my claim and state that this music video — an exceedingly odd and wonderful promo for the Plants Vs. Zombies game — is absolutely the best one you’ll hear all day.

The game is a swell little computer game where you set up plants to try and keep the invading zombie hordes from getting past the lawn and into the house; check it out here. Personally, I’m not sure I’ll be able to play it, because that would mean I’ll have to stop watching this music video, and right now, I’m not willing to do that. There’s a zombie with butter on its head, for fuck’s sake! I’m not made of stone! (Via Kotaku)