The Secrets of Star Trek Keep A-Comin’


Unofficial Star Trek week continues at TR and around the goddamn planet with two tidbits that I think you’ll find interesting:

? The infinitely better budgeted io9 talked to Trek screenwriter Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who revealed the scene that would have brough shatner’s Kirk into the pic, and it would have been swell.

Kurtzman: The very last scene when Spock and Spock meet each other, finally. And elder Spock is convincing young Spock that he couldn’t interfere, because it would have diverted [Kirk and Spock] away from their friendship. And that their friendship is the key to the whole sort of shebang.

Orci: He gave him a recorded message from Kirk.

Kurtzman: He [elder Spock]said, “Don’t take my word for it.” And he handed him [younger Spock]a little holographic device and it projected Shatner. It was basically a Happy Birthday wish knowing that Spock was going to go off to Romulus, and Kirk would probably be dead by the time…

Alas, as we all know, the scene was sabo-taaaajed. Check out the rest of the brief interview here.
? Apparently, neither Chris Pine nor Sylar can make the Vulcan salute. Quinto actually had to have his fingers glued together, while Pine had his tied down with fishing line. If you loathed the movie, you could do worse than point this out to every fan you meet, I suppose. And yes, that is the irritating leaky-eyeballs chick from season 2 of Heroes mocking him above. (Via FilmDrunk)