TR Contest Special Event: Robot Haikus


I have another special treat for you shirt-hungry TR readers today. The fine folks over at have offered their stellar weRobot shirt — featuring 51 of nerd-dom’s most popular automatons, as seen to the right — as the prize for this week’s contest. Furthermore, they’re offering three, so three of you greedy little monkeys will be receiving new attire!

Your job: to write a robot haiku. Remember haikus? Three line poems, first line has five syllables, second line has seven, and the last line has five again? Here’s a haiku from TR contributor Shaun Clayton, who I totally stole the idea from, about Megatron:

I am a small gun
Now I am a large robot
This makes no damn sense

Now, like the FFF Libs contest, you can enter as many times as you like. Plus, the contest will not end until May 26th, Tuesday morning, at 3am EST, so you have an extra day to enter — I’m really trying to see how many comments I cn get on a single TR article. Two more things: You’ll get a few bonus points if you write about one of the robots on the shirt, and obviously, just because someone writes about one robot doesn’t mean you can’t (we’d ru out of Transformers pretty quick if it was one per person. As per usual, it’ll be easier to stand apart if you’re writing about Tequila Gundam instead of the 100th person writing about R2-D2.

So good luck, although technically, your chances of winning have improved by 300%. I’ll be taking Memorial Day off, so I’ll see you guys back here on Tuesday. Don’t forget to get dangerous, and try not to look any ducks in the eye this weekend.