Who Watches the Watchmen Blu-ray and DVD?


Hey! Remember Watchmen? That other nerd movie we all used to be so excited about? Warner Bros. has finally announced the the DVD and Blu-ray, both due around SDCC, and a couple things are worth mentioning. First off, if you want the theatrical cut, it’s available only on DVD or places like iTunes. There will be a Director’s Cut available on DVD with a second DVD of extras, and the Blu-ray will also consist of the Director’s Cut; also, the Blu-ray has this crazy deal with Facebook where you can watch the movie together (like a community screening) but then chat with your Facebook friends at the same time. If I didn’t hate people so goddamn much, I’d think this was a pretty cool idea.

Oh, MOST IMPORTANTLY — the Director’s Cut? It won’t include the Black Freighter edited into it (or at all, I think). So there is absolutely going to be another Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Watchmen somewhere down the road with that material and god knows what else. You’ve been warned. (Via Blu-ray Blog)