X-Men Origins: Wolverine Summed Up in One Ludicrous Product

You are looking at the official — as in Marvel-licensed and approved — Wolverine golf club cover. Yes, the most savage mutant anti-hero in the Marvel U is adorably chubby and ready to help older white men protect their golf clubs from dust, rain and inadvertent scratches as they play the least active sport in the world. At $10, it’s quite the deal, which is why you can likely buy it at

This Wolverine has been declawed on about 8 different levels, and if there’s a better image to represent the Wolverine movie, I don’t know what it is. Actually, I’m hard-pressed to think of a less appropriate product for Wolverine, period. Maybe a mobile that you can hang over a baby’s crib where he’s hugging Magneto? I await your ideas in the comments. Also, thanks to Fishdick for the tip.