Beverages of WarCraft

penis shrinking game fuel.jpg
Remember that Halo-themed “Game Fuel” edition that Mountain Dew put out last summer? Well, the same marketing geniuses are back and aren’t trying very hard, because this summer they’ve released two World of Warcraft Game Fuel flavors. You know how X-treeem they are? So XXXXX-treeeeeeme that PepsiCo can’t possibly spell “mountain” correctly on the bottle, and was forced to abbreviate it as “mtn.” Sigh.

Orange is…
? The Horde
? “Citrus cherry”
? Tastes like world

Blue is…
? Alliance
? “Fruit punch”
? Tastes like warcraft

I can’t help but suspect these are just the Livewire and Revolution flavors, just with extra vivd dye which we’ll learn will be the reason for our prostate cancer in 2041. Anyone tried these things and can verify or deny? (Via Geekologie)