Dare You Enter… The Room?

Actually, a better question might be, have you heard of The Room? It’s hard to describe, but let me let Rifftrax take a crack at it:

Yes, this is the film you’ve probably only heard rumors about, a truly
jaw-droppingly weird melodrama written, starring, produced, financed,
endlessly promoted by (most famously by a high profile billboard in Los
Angeles for five years), and featuring the hideous naked backside of Tommy Wiseau, the world’s shaggiest and most mysterious auteur. The Room’s
plot seems mundane: a banker looks forward to his marriage unaware that
his fianc? is cheating on him with his best friend. But beneath this
quotidian veneer lurk peculiar treasures that almost literally defy
description. Quite simply, you must see this.

I could not agree more. Now, I’m an MST3K fan, the more incompetently a movie is made, the more I like it. I’ve seen The Room, and I’ll put it right next to Manos and Werewolf and Red Zone Cuba in terms of sheer lack of talent on both sides of the camera. The acting ranges from non-existent to atrocious. Subplots are brought up and immediately forgotten. No one acts like a reasonable human being at any point in the movie. And yet it’s so obviously a weird passion project for Tommy Wiseau, who wrote, directed and produced this strange little movie about the world’s greatest man with the world’s most inexplicable accent whose fiancee cheats on him with his best friend. Call me crazy, but I think something similar might have happened to Tommy once himself.

The point is ever since I watched The Room, I have hoped and prayed for a Rifftrax of it, and it’s here. The above video is a sample, and you can order the Rifftrax itself here later today (you can also order the movie itself from Amazon here). I highly, highly recommend that you watch The Room on its own first, as do the Rifftrax crew. Because once you’ve entered The Room, you’ll never be able to leave.

* Please note there is no “room” in The Room. Rather, there are lots of rooms, none of which are any more significant than the others.