E3 Final Fantasy Trifecta: XIII, XIV, IV: The After Years

? More cinematics, more game footage, more ridiculous character designs and absolutely no clue what the fuck is going on. I’m still excited.

? Conversely, I’m anti-excited about FFXIV, which Square Enix announced as yet another MMORPG. Goddammit, Final Fantasies are supposed to be about the stories, and you can’t tell a decent story when NUTSACKILLAH238 is busy trying to gte your party killed. As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, if I wanted to play an MMORPG, I’d stop hating people.

? Bitter over XIV, I was ready to dismiss FFIV: The After Years as another soulless sequel/cash-grab, which it probably is. But it’s also done totally in SNES-style, which has utterly charmed my heart, despite the fact it’s going to be on WiiWare and episodic. Maybe we can just set up some kind of direct deposit system over at Square, where they immediately get our paychecks and they release the games we want, all at once? Does that seem fair?