G4 to Air SDCC Star Wars Panel, and I’m Pretty Sure This Is a Good Thing


I’m not the world’s biggest G4 fan. Basically, all I ever watched was Cinematech, because it was clips of videogames without their video jockeys talking over them trying to sound hip, and that was all I really wanted out of a videogame channel. But I always appreciated their E3 and SDCC coverage, because not all of us go get out to these cons, and it’s nice to be able to see what’s happening on TV instead of scouring the infonetment supertubeway all week. The fact that I’m actually going to SDCC this year doesn’t change my opinion.

Now, G4 is taking the next step and just airing the Star Wars panel itself, so that more than the 3000 or so people who attend SDCC and can get in the panel room can see it. I approve mightily. I say SDCC (and E3, and a hand full of other cons and shows) are too big to just be for attendees. Hell, I think every panel should be televised. I should be able to hit up my Tivo and select to see whatever panel I want. There’s no reason not to, frankly.

About the only qualm I hear is about G4 tainting the purity of the Star Wars panel with its G4-ness, which I guess means making Steve Sansweet wrestle a monkey while covered in Axe body spray while Olivia Munn, dressed as Oola, looks on. First of all, that would be awesome. Second of all, while that might be a worry for other panels, I doubt G4 is going to be bossing Lucasfilm around. It’s Lucasfilm — G4 will bend over and film the panel however Lucasfilm wants, and that’s as it should be. Do you disagree? (Via SF Universe)