Nick Fury Plays (Slightly) Hard to Get (Updated)


Do you want a Nick Fury action figure? One in 3 3/4-inch scale, in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line? Then you’ll have to buy a subscription to Marvel’s online comics, because that’s the only way he’s available. Marvel has taken all the stock of the Hasbro figure, and is offering him for free (plus $5 shipping and handling) with any online subscription, which is… $5 per month. I’m not really judging here, I just thought you guys should know. You can order him “for free” here.

Update: Now I am judging, because I just noticed (thanks to Jason S.) that you have to buy either a 3-month subscription at $8+ per month, totaling $25, or 12-months at $5 per month, totaling $60. That means Nick will run you $30 or $65, which is significantly is more expensive
than buying a $8 Marvel Universe figure at Target. Bastards.