I admit being pretty damn proud of my TF2 FAQ, but the lovely Indil (and several other sharp-eyed TR readers) sent me the greatest thing any of us will read all day. I have virtually nothing to add to this, so I’ll let these quotes from the Daily Mail do the talking:

The London schoolboy left looking unhappy after being snubbed by Transformers star Megan Fox is being flown out to receive an apology and finally meet his idol.

A photo of 11-year-old Harvey Kindlon being rebuffed when he tried to hand Fox a yellow rose has tugged at the heartstrings of America – and as a result he has been offered a trip to Los Angeles to meet her, a website claimed.

After a reward of $5,000 was offered to find out the schoolboy’s identity he was discovered by a user of the social networking site Facebook.

Harvey’s cousin, 18-year-old Holly Bramley, confirmed to website he will be flying to New York tonight to meet Megan with his mother and a friend.

Film company Kodak are flying the schoolboy – who spells his name ‘Harvii’ on his Facebook site – over to the States so he can give Fox the rose in person.

An apologetic Megan has promised that this time she will be more receptive.

He’s meeting with Fox tonight. You go, Yellow Rose Boy. You go, and you never fucking stop.