Spider-Man… J-Pop… Tuxedo… Naked Japanese Men… Spider-Codpieces… [SHUT DOWN]

This isn’t the newest video on the tubernets, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it, and misery loves company. Witness J-pop star DJ Ozma sings about the virtues of Spider-Man, mainly by  having dozens of skinny Japanese men wearing nothing but underpants with large spiders on the crotches flailing about while Spidey himself, in an outstanding combination of his outfit and a white tuxedo, dances halfheartedly in the background. I want to make jokes, but this thing is so fucked up that my synapses stopped firing about ten minutes ago, and all I can be sure of it that this video is still better than One More Day (okay, maybe one crack.) Thanks (?) to Franco for the tip.

Okay, one more: This is absolutely Spider-Man 3‘s fault. You make a movie where evil Peter Parker dances down the street, and the Japanese thing they can take off all their clothes and make this video. This one’s on you, Raimi. Now no more fucking around.

PS — Sorry, the day got away from me. I’ll have the contest winners posted (with honorable mentions) first thing tomorrow.