The Black Lanterns Are Very Accepting of New Members

Blackest NightOMg.jpg

DC’s Source blog just let loose a pic from Green Lantern #43, which hints at the possible membership of the Black Lantern Corps, which you might know as the Evil Zombie Lanterns and which is currently the best idea in mainstream comics at the moment. (SPOILER WARNING) Based on the DC Direct toys, we know that Earth-2 Superman and Martian Manhunter will be back in black, but as the above spread shows… so is everybody. Everybody who’s dead. Sue Dibny. Dr. Light. Phantom Lady. Max Lord. Firestorm. Everybody. (I highly suggest checking out the hi-res pic over at the Source.)I think we’re all in agreement that Blackest Night will end with Hal Jordan wearing the ROYGBIV rings and becoming the White Lantern, but holy fuck does it look like it’s going to be a hell of a ride to get there.

Also, if Uncle Sam becomes a Black Lantern, I will officially lose my shit. That is all. (Via Robot 6)