The Germans Will Look Up and Shout “WTF?” and I’ll Whisper “LOL”


Were you desperately hoping that the Watchmen DVD would come in an odd package shaped like a flat version of Rorschach’s head? Of course not. no one would want that. Alas, that’s exactly what Watchmen-loving Germans will be getting if they order the Amazon exclusive Watchmen special edition in August. Yes, the head slides in half to reveal the DVD, and yes, the head is plastic. Clearly, Ozymandias’s mechandising team is behind this madness.

Worse, although Germany will be getting this “special edition” of Watchmen, they won’t be getting the director’s cut — Paramount has the rights to worldwide release of the theatrical cut while Warner Bros. has the extended version, and they either are waiting to release it or still figuring out how to split the future sales with Fox or something. Point is, sucks to be nerdy and German at the moment. (Via Blu-ray Blog)