The Greatest Kaiten Sushi Restaurant in the World

Most of you folks probably know it better as conveyor belt sushi — those restaurant which put the sushi on little plates, and then put the little plates on a conveyor belt which travels around the restaurant, allowing patrons to simply pick what they want. They’re awesome, and there are a few in America, which is nice.

But we do not have this restaurant, which is fucking amazing even if you don’t like raw fish (for the record I enjoy raw fish and friend fish, and almost nothing in-between, which I think marks a serious character deficiency). First of all, sensors on the plate keep track of how long each plate has been on the belt, and automatically disposes of them when they’ve lost their freshness. Second, you can also order specific sushi straight from the computer at your booth. Last and certainly not least, you dispose of your plates at a slot right at the table — which automatically tallies your bill — but the extra cool part is that for every five plates you put in, you get to play the slot machine/capsule toy thingie at the table and have the chance to win prizes!

Now I desperately want sushi for lunch, but the only seafood place even close is a Long John Silver’s.

…fuck. (Via AnimeVice)