The Terminator to Terminate Beloved Japanese Kids’ Cartoon Character

When I asked about future coverage on TR yesterday, the biggest topic was anime. It seems like an equal amount of people want more as people who loathe it to the core of their being and will violently throw up all over their computers if I increase coverage. My decision: to maybe do slightly more (barfing is funny!), but I want to make sure that it’s still interesting to non-anime fans. Like the news that the preposterously long-running Japanese little kids’ cartoon Doraemon is getting a guest appearance… from the Terminator.

Now, this is an extremely G-rated cartoon about a robotic cat from the future. Although Terminator: Salvation is rated PG-13, the other three movies were all preposterously violent and rated R. But it’s happening. Now, clearly this is just a bit of cross-promotion for Salvation which opens on June 13th (this episode runs on June 26th). And the fact that both main characters are robots from the future makes it — kind of — a pretty neat fit.

What I want to point out is how if this happened in America, everyone would lose their minds. I’m having a hard time even thinking up a scenario: maybe if the Terminator showed up on Avatar or Brave and the Bold? Adults would be incensed, and kids would think it was the coolest thing ever. But also think about this — what if ’80s R movie characters guest-starred in our ’80s cartoons? Rambo in G.I. Joe? Aliens vs G.I. Joe? Robocop vs Transformers? Predator vs. He-Man?

…I just wet myself thinking about Predator vs He-Man. I’ll be back shortly. (Via ANN)