There’s Going to Be a Who-apalooza (Maybe)

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Stupid British newspapers. So many of them print shit that’s utterly made up — the Cher as Catwoman rumor, anyone? — that it’s impossible to tell when or who is telling the truth. On the other hand, they have slightly more credibility when it comes to things happening in England than, say, Hollywood, so take this “news” from UK’s Mirror with a decent sized grain of salt — All the Doctors of Doctor Who are getting together for a 15-minute special episode.

It will be 11th Doctor Matt Smith’s first appearance, and all 10 Doctors will get together and… I don’t know, make fun of the way the all dress, I guess. Those Doctors played by deceased actors (the first three, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee) will appear through old footage, assumably spliced in. Here’s what an unnamed source tells the Mirror:

It’s been a logistical nightmare getting all the actors together and
available for shooting on the same days. But the script has already
been started and it’s classic Doctor Who – really witty and very sharp.
Viewers will see the Time Lords regenerating and emerging one by one
from the Tardis, each with their own quirky opening line. David Tennant
is the central character in the episode. He’s trying to hunt down some
special time travel apparatus. What he’s actually lost has not yet been
decided, but the idea is for all the other Doctors to club together to
help David find it.

As io9 points out, this isn’t the first time the Doctors have palled around together — but they did it in two Children in Need charity skits, which are apparently godawful and no one should watch ever. Anyways, I’m really curious if any of the elder Doctors will call out new Doctor Matt Smith for looking 16-years-old.