Virtuality Is Virtually a Mess

Love it or hate it, the new Battlestar Galactica did pretty darn well for itself in terms of critical acclaim and rating for the Syfy n?e Sci-Fi Channel. As convoluted at the show’s weird mythology got (and I mean the mythology in the show, not of the show) it was always a pretty simple concept — humans chased by robots look for Earth. Now watch the above clip show of BSG creator Ron Moore’s new show Virtuality and look what’s going on:

? It’s about a crew on a 10-year mission to another solar system.
? The crew is being filmed as part of a reality show.
? The Earth has less than a century left to support life.
? The crew spends most of their time in virtual reality devices.
? Someone (or something) is screwing with those VR systems and producing nightmares.

That… that is a minimum of three big ideas smashed into one poor series — a series which will premiere on Fox on June 26th, by the way, a channel which has historically been so kind to science fiction. I give it 8 episodes tops before Fox cancels it; four if the show ends up being good. (Via io9)