Who Watches the Director’s Cut of Watchmen in Theaters?


Not many. Not many at all, since it’s only going to run in four cities. But the “director’s cut” — which I believe is still the extended version coming out on the special edition DVD but not the eventual version with the Black Freighter edited in — will head to a few theaters around Comic Con time, mostly to promote DVD sales. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The cut, which will have an additional 25 minutes of footage
including the death of a supporting character, will screen in Los
Angeles, New York, Minneapolis and Dallas before the movie is
released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 21.

The rollout will culminate with a special screening July 25 at
Comic-Con that is designed to act as a BD-Live event, a Blu-ray
feature that will allow any viewer in North America to watch the
movie simultaneously as the audience at Comic-Con, see and hear
Snyder comment on the movie, and even ask questions. The screening
will then be archived and will be able to be accessed for future

This isn’t terribly exciting, but apparently nothing happened in the world of nerds between my last post yesterday and this morning, so… there you go.